Kautilya Coaching Classes
The Kautilya Academy has a serene campus that provides a peaceful environment for students. We have state of the art facilities and modern classrooms with multimedia facilities
Counselling Room
The Student Counseling Room was set up to help students resolve any personal problems that may be impeding their studies.
Its main functions ...
(1)To listen to students experiencing personal problems and help them resolve those problems quickly.
(2)To carry out any investigations, testing or analysis necessary to help students with problems.
(3)To plan and hold events such as presentations and seminars to give teachers information on how to help students.
(4)Other activities necessary to help students
Kautilya Academy reception areas are the heart of a Academy it’s the first place that visitors see on entering the premises, and presents an opportunity to provide students, and parents with a feel for the learning environment as a whole. but with the right knowledge and guidance from the experts it can be easier than you think…
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